Cloth Binders Help Make a Lasting Impression

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Cloth Binders
Customized binders come in many different varieties, from the familiar vinyl binder to durable poly binders, from eco-friendly binders using post-consumer material to casemade binders, the most customizable option.
Casemade binders are the type most often chosen by designers. These beautiful binders cost more than a standard poly or vinyl binder, but the effect they create can be well worth the extra investment. Casemade binders, also known as "turned edge” binders, have the look and feel of real books. The cover can be made of specialty paper, or of woven fabric such as canvas. Casemade binders can even be made of leather or suede.
The Advantages of Casemade Binders
Casemade binders look very professional, and have the cachet of traditional bound books. However, the flexibility they offer makes them far more useful than a perfect-bound book. There are dozens of uses for casemade binders. They make great product catalogues, for example. The attractive design of the binder makes it a beautiful addition to your customers' shelves. As your inventory evolves, new products or product lines can be easily added, while discontinued products can be removed just as simply. This ensures that the catalogue you distribute will always be completely current.
You may also want to consider using a casemade binder if your company is making a pitch for new investors, or putting in a bid on a big job. Having a binder made for a specific bid or pitch is not prohibitively expensive, and it will make your proposal stand out from the crowd.
Not-for-profit organizations are competing more than ever for funder dollars, and a casemade binder can help to show donors that your enterprise is fully professional. An attractive presentation that spotlights what makes your organization unique can be of enormous help when fundraising. Sometimes your organization's materials arrive on a potential funder's desk before personnel arrive to present your case. A casemade binder may be the funder's introduction to your enterprise, and it can make a great first impression!
Casemade binders may also be the best choice is for in-house use. If you're training employees on a continuing basis, or if you distribute a company handbook to each employee, having binders made for these specific purposes makes sense. A training manual is often a new hire's initial experience of the company, and a customized binder emphasizes professionalism. The company handbook will appear on every office bookshelf, so ensuring that it reflects the unique nature and spirit of your business is important.
Finally, if your company conducts educational seminars, providing participants with a casemade binder containing pertinent information adds great value to your workshop. For example, you may conduct workshops about drama for elementary teachers. Giving participants a binder containing information about useful websites, sample exercises or resources, and articles of interest will increase the effectiveness of the presentation. It can also take your brand to a new, external audience of potential customers, spreading the news about your company and its services.
In each of these cases, making changes to the binder is simple. If a company policy changes, new pages can be distributed for employees to exchange for the outdated page in their manuals. If workshop leaders develop a new exercise, it can easily be slipped into the binder. And up-to-date financial summary can appear in any fundraising pitch.
Versatile and flexible, cloth customized binders add a professional and unique aspect to everything your company does.